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Focus and experience are what sets Gamma Law apart from other business law firms. While an increasing number of lawyers and law firms claim expertise in games, interactive media and music, Gamma Law has focused on these business sectors for years. We don't claim to be able to help every company with all their legal needs. But if you're in Games, Media or Music and need experienced lawyers who understand your business, you've come to the right place.

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How Strong is that Copyright in Your Virtual Reality Content?

While patent law usually comes to mind first when considering how best to protect virtual reality technology, copyright law may provide protection to virtual content. However, the strength of the copyright will depend on the degree of creativity incorporated. This … ...

New Valve Refund Policy: EU Consumer-Protection Regulation Goes Global?

The history of videogames is not only that of the development of games themselves, but also of the hardware on which games are intended to run. Arcade and console gaming system provide video games developers with standardized, closed-world hardware, enabling … ...

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Gamma Law
Gamma Law has been an important part of the success of our film ventures over several years, providing critical support with licensing, financing and distribution deals in Asia, the US and South America. David and his team know the business and are always available when we need them.