Decades of Experience in Japan

For Japanese media and technology companies doing business in the United States, or US companies trading in Japan, Gamma Law’s advisory services are a major strategic advantage. Our clients benefit from a unique combination of capabilities that make us the ideal partner for cross-border projects in either direction between Japan and the United States.

Our most pronounced advantage is our experience. David Hoppe has been advising clients on Japan/US matters for nearly twenty-five years, including working with a Japanese international law firms as well as the Tokyo office of a major New York law firm. He lived in Japan for a number of years, is proficient in Japanese, travels to Japan frequently and has an extensive network of contacts in both business and governmental organizations in Japan. He has assisted hundreds of clients with nearly every conceivable form of Japan-US cross-border project. There is simply no substitute for firsthand understanding and experience.

This includes extensive large-firm experience. Unlike many other local US practitioners specializing in US/Japan matters, David’s Pacific Rim background includes work for some of the largest law firms and companies in the world.  Gamma Law clients benefit from the high-level perspective and expertise of a large firm —  the ability to see both the forest and the trees.

They also benefit from genuinely personal, individualized service and responsiveness. Gamma Law was created to allow clients work directly with David. If additional attorneys are required for some aspect of a matter – say, immigration – David supervises them directly. Gamma Law exists to provide the very highest level of hands-on legal counsel for a select group of clients. And because of our focus on efficiency and a lean operation, we are considerably more cost-effective than most other firms. Our expertise makes us efficient, and our structure keeps our fees reasonable.

There is an old Japanese proverb that says “Raise the sail with the stronger hand,” meaning that you should pursue the opportunities you are best equipped to capitalize on. For companies doing cross-border business between Japan and the United States, Gamma Law’s purpose is to be – legally speaking — that stronger hand.

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