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Virtual Goods, Real Profits: Monetizing the Metaverse
1000 648 David Hoppe

As the metaverse’s popularity continues to grow, organizations are exploring new business models, ranging from play-to-earn games to virtual world customization. With these innovative technologies come unique legal and regulatory considerations that must be considered when deciding on an appropriate model for your organization.

Legal Guide to DAOs in the Metaverse
1000 648 David Hoppe

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are rapidly gaining popularity in the metaverse. Creating and hosting a DAO in the metaverse offers organizations numerous benefits, such as increased participation, visibility, efficient interaction with other applications and organizations, access to global audiences, and opportunities to take advantage of the growth of this relatively new landscape.

Case Clothed: Legal Considerations for Digital Fashion Creators
1000 648 Yusuke Hisashi

Fashion brands invest significant time, money, and effort into creating unique designs, logos, and other intellectual property (IP) that sets them apart from their competitors.

copyright lawyer
GLVM: What’s the Most Important Part of a Content License Agreement?
1000 648 David Hoppe

What’s the most important part of a content license agreement? Is it the liability sections? The royalty provisions? The reps/warranties?

copyright lawyer
GLVM: How can Copyright and Trademark Cover the Same Rights?
1000 648 David Hoppe

Is it possible for the same IP to have both copyright and trademark protection? And how can that be an advantage?

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