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Representing Creators, Licensors, Investors, Developers and Platforms

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Representing Games Companies, Platforms & Tournament Organizers

Representing Artists, Labels & Licensors/Licensees

Representing Designers, Labels & Licensors/Licensees

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Decentral Casting: Reimagining Entertainment in Web3
1000 648 Amy Sanderson

The way we entertain ourselves, handle money, and learn new things is changing as technology evolves. Web3, in particular, is giving us all pause to take a closer look at entertainment, finance, and how we learn new skills.

Will the US Match UK’s Play On Real-Money Gaming Fraud Protections?
1000 648 David Hoppe

The allure of virtual skill-based gaming platforms, with their promise of tangible rewards for player speed, knowledge, and coordination, attracts players worldwide. However, beneath the seemingly innocuous surface of these games lies a pervasive issue: the exploitation of unsuspecting gamers through fraud and deception.

Joint Liability: AI/Metaverse Convergence Legal Issues
1000 648 Amy Sanderson

In the physical world and most Web3 constructs, “Only individuals (are) considered subjects of the metaverse … and legal entities, avatars, electronic personalities, virtual digital robots, … and digital humanoids (are classified as) objects,” (emphasis added).

9/13/23 Gamma Law Free Zoom Seminar Discussion in Japanese
1000 648 David Hoppe

Gamma Law held a Zoom seminar on NBA Collective NFT “Top Shot”, legal issues on blockchain game business models, players and platforms.

copyright lawyer
GLVM: What’s the Most Important Part of a Content License Agreement?
1000 648 David Hoppe

What’s the most important part of a content license agreement? Is it the liability sections? The royalty provisions? The reps/warranties?

copyright lawyer
GLVM: How can Copyright and Trademark Cover the Same Rights?
1000 648 David Hoppe

Is it possible for the same IP to have both copyright and trademark protection? And how can that be an advantage?

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