AI Lawyers

Gamma Law leverages its long experience in cutting-edge media and technology business sectors to anticipate how developments in AI technology and regulation may impact the businesses, legal concerns, and strategies of our clients, and to provide proactive, forward-thinking guidance. 

Extensive Cross-Disciplinary Expertise

As AI is increasingly integrated in our content-related practice areas such as digital media and video games, our clients look to us for guidance on questions such as intellectual property rights in the context of AI-generated works and scraping by large-language models.  We also advise on the legal implications of developing AI technologies and integrating AI into applications of all kinds.

As a firm with a longstanding focus on innovative media and technologies, we are familiar with the demands of working in dynamic regulatory environments, in which clear legal solutions may not exist.  Drawing on our long experience guiding clients through such challenging situations, we help companies implement AI functionality and rights holders to mitigate risk while maximizing opportunities.

With AI tools allowing for more efficient and accurate task completion using fewer resources, the staggering pace of innovation in this sector shows no sign of slowing down. As we move further into the 21st century, virtually every aspect of human experience will be influenced by AI, and expert legal guidance will be even more important for businesses to manage risk and navigate an evolving legal environment.  Gamma Law stands uniquely positioned to support clients developing or implementing AI technologies.

Laser-Focus on AI and Web3 Legal Concerns

Gamma Law supports emerging companies, founders, and businesses of all sizes with the development and integration of AI technologies, drawing on our longstanding experience with Intellectual Property, contract law, and licensing. We are also available to advise businesses and rights-holders that have been impacted by the implementation of AI by other parties, including in a manner that infringes copyright or trademark rights.

Virtual General Counsel Services

Gamma Law provides turnkey virtual general counsel services to companies in the crypto and blockchain businesses. We manage both high-value transactions as well as day-to-day legal matters, freeing executives to focus on their businesses.

Contact us to learn more about Gamma Law’s crypto and blockchain practice to discuss how we can help you achieve your objectives.

For more information, please see our article on general counsel services. Also, please visit the Gamma Law Artificial Intelligence Blog and Intellectual Property Blog for up-to-the-minute insights and news.