Blockchain Lawyers

Composed of experts in finance, gaming, IP, security, and other key disciplines, Gamma Law’s blockchain lawyers are adept at enabling clients to avoid legal pitfalls and fully capitalize on business opportunities. Knowledgeable in all aspects of current national and international laws governing the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, our team of attorneys supports clients with all facets of negotiation, licensing, M&A, and day-to-day general counsel services.

Gamma Law’s blockchain lawyers support startups and established businesses with the development and implementation of their blockchain-based business models. Our firm also brings broad expertise in cryptocurrencies, including token-based financings, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), crypto fund formation, and related matters

Experts in Blockchain-Related Businesses and Smart Contracts

Gamma Law’s blockchain and cryptocurrency lawyers leverage decades of experience supporting companies in technology and content-related businesses. This includes blockchain and distributed ledger implementations for record keeping, title, provenance, transactions in virtual goods, smart contracts, and other uses.

Blockchain-related legal issues that must be considered include the application of contractual audit terms, jurisdiction, data privacy and protection, enforceability of smart contracts under national legislation and, in some industries, regulatory record keeping requirements.

Gamma Law’s international experience and cross-border transactional expertise uniquely positions our lawyers to support clients with blockchain systems, which are fundamentally borderless in nature. Legal counsel relating to blockchain implementations and transactions must be cognizant of the possible application of the laws of various jurisdictions, not just the United States.

Token-Based Financings, Crypto Funds and Investment Funds

Token-based financings, including initial coin offerings, have provided many emerging companies with funding opportunities that were unavailable through conventional public or private channels. However, volatility and regulatory uncertainty make proficient legal support a crucial component of any token-based financing plan. Similarly, formation of and fundraising for crypto and token investment funds requires cryptocurrency lawyers who are familiar with longstanding securities regulatory practices as well as current applications.

Securities and Finance Background

Unusual among boutique law firms, Gamma Law possesses decades of experience in securities finance, securities regulation, and SEC matters. Gamma Law lawyers have worked with premier Wall Street law firms, managing multi-billion dollar debt and equity financings, investment fund formations, and securities transactions.

An in-depth understanding of securities regulations and current SEC interpretations is essential when planning and executing token-based financings, forming investment funds, fundraising, and participating in secondary-market transactions

Gamma Law’s industry expertise allows us to provide perspectives and insights regarding potentially critical issues and risks that arise daily but may not be evident to newcomers to the space.

Virtual General Counsel Services

Gamma Law also provides turnkey virtual general counsel services to companies in the blockchain, digital assets, and crypto industries. We manage both urgent and routine company legal matters, freeing executives to focus on their businesses.

Contact us to learn more about Gamma Law’s blockchain and token-based financing practice and to see how we can help you achieve your objectives.

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Selected Blockchain/Digital Asset Transactions

  • Represented major international IP owner in connection with character license to innovative blockchain collectibles game.
  • Supported high-profile blockchain game developer with US securities compliance relating to offshore token offering.
  • Advised developer of major real-money blockchain trading game on all aspects of US regulatory compliance, including structuring of NFTs and in-game economy.

The Gamma Law team understands blockchain games and began adding value immediately. The have a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations that apply to our business and have provided critical guidance and advice.

Dirk Lueth – Co-Founder, Uplandme, Inc.

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