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Judge: Apple Not a Monopoly but Engaged In Anticompetitive Practices
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Many of today’s headlines proclaim Epic Games’ “victory” over Apple in their landmark lawsuit announced this morning by Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers in the District Court for the Northern District of California. As usual, however, the reality is less clear-cut. In a win for Epic, the judge did rule Apple violated antitrust laws by forbidding…

Open App Markets Act Takes Aim at Apple, Google Stores
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While Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple has drawn attention to practices such as Apple’s 15 to 30 percent commission on app sales, in-app purchases, and Apple’s gag rule on advertising, Apple is not the only tech company developers and regulators have in their sights. Google, Valve, and other digital behemoths have also been accused of abusing their market dominance by imposing exorbitant fees upon app developers.

Leveling the Playing Field: Regulation of Esports NFTs
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Many believe that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are poised to revolutionize the esports industry. Current applications of NFTs in esports include awarding NFTs in place of physical tournament trophies, which is a much more efficient solution given the prevalence of online competitions today;

Critics: Infrastructure Bill’s Crypto Provisions Hamstring Emerging Technologies Companies
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After several months of negotiations, the U.S. Senate passed the Infrastructure Bill in August. Officially dubbed the ‘Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act’, the bipartisan bill is part of President Biden’s wider economic agenda.

MetaClan Combines Esports and the Decentralized Organization
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The online gaming community is always looking for the next new device, technology, or adventure. What if the latest idea is to start a gaming collective that leverages cryptotoken and blockchain technologies? The online gaming community is helping push the boundaries for non-traditional organizational structures in the esports arena.

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Chain of Justice or Broken Link?: Blockchain and Crypto Dispute Resolution
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Technologies such as cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and blockchain applications have become immensely popular in video gaming. Blockchain and crypto-based games like Axie Infinity are increasing in numbers and a number of gaming and esports organizations even rely on these technologies to manage and run their operations, as is the case with MetaClan.

State Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologies Regulation a Minefield for Video Game Developers
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US legislation regarding blockchain technologies varies widely from state to state and these regulations can bear heavily on the founding, funding, and operation of video game, VR/AR/XR, and other players in the digital media space.

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After CJEU ruling, pre-ticked consent boxes could blow up in merchants’ faces A Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruling late last year places much greater restrictions on how video game and other websites obtain users’ permission to collect and store their personal data. From now on, any company wishing to gather and…

‘Seller Beware’ – Important Legal Considerations Before Jumping on the NFT Bandwagons
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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are becoming increasingly popular. In comparison with fungible tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum which can be divided into smaller parts, each non-fungible token is indivisible and has its own distinct value.