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Gaming the System: Legal Limitations of the Metaverse
1000 648 Amy Sanderson

The metaverse, once confined to the realms of gaming and virtual reality projects, has rapidly evolved into a fundamental technology in several multi-billion-dollar industries. Its influence has permeated diverse sectors including sports, entertainment, and business, transforming the way these industries operate and engage with their audiences.

Ready (Or Not) Player One: AI Forces Intellectual Property to Gaming’s Forefront
1000 648 Amy Sanderson

Artificial intelligence, despite its potential to transform business sectors, scientific discovery, and human interaction, is not without its detractors. One notable area of contention lies within the video game industry, as developers must increasingly grapple with complex legal challenges arising from the integration of the technology in their titles.

Propaganda in War Video Games: A Legal Minefield for Developers
1000 648 Amy Sanderson

Video games have long since transcended the realm of mere entertainment. With their immersive worlds, compelling narratives, and intricate mechanics, they’ve evolved into powerful platforms for communication and expression.

Don’t Drop the Legal Ball: Engaging Sports Fans with AI
1000 648 David Hoppe

Fan engagement is a vital aspect of the sports and esports industries, as organizations strive to strengthen their relationships with fans and provide unique experiences that bring them closer to the action.

Law of Probability: Real-Money Games and Gambling
1000 648 David Hoppe

The rise in the global popularity of real-money video games and online gambling sites serves notice to developers, platforms, and investors to carefully consider the legal issues and challenges that could accompany the development of related business models.

Betting on the Future
Betting on the Future: An Overview of US States’ iGaming Legalization Effort
1000 648 David Hoppe

Following a temporary decline in popularity in the early 2000s, the iGaming industry (all forms of online gambling and betting on the outcome of events, games, or sporting competitions on the internet, including video games, poker, slot machines, fantasy sports, and more), has experienced a remarkable resurgence, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Legal Landscape Surrounding AI-generated Art
1000 648 Yusuke Hisashi

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the way art is created, with some experts even predicting that AI-generated art will eventually become mainstream content.

Pedal to the Meta: Metaverse Gaming Outpaces Regulation
1000 648 Amy Sanderson

Over half of the US video game players who responded to a survey believe the metaverse will revolutionize gaming. That enthusiasm, and the fact that major players such as Meta, Roblox, and Epic are bankrolling metaverse developments, is propelling the global metaverse gaming market to an estimated $710.21 billion by 2027.

Singapore Slings: Island Nation Takes a Shot at Remote Gaming Regulations
1024 664 David Hoppe

Singapore’s government recently enacted the Gambling Control Act 2022 (GCA22) and the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Singapore Act 2022 (GRAS22) to add more consumer protections and include new games and products, especially those conducted online.