VR/AR/MR Articles

Virtual Office Politics: Work and the Law in the Digital Age
1000 648 David Hoppe

The COVID-19 pandemic profoundly affected the way businesses operate and interact with their employees, remote and hybrid work models chief among them. The expansion of working from home has given rise to innovative solutions that help organizations maintain productivity and engagement.

Extended Reality Check: Legal Implications for the Gaming Industry
1000 648 David Hoppe

Extended Reality (XR), also known as ‘cross reality,’ is an emerging technology that encompasses a spectrum of experiences, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), cinematic reality, and other alternative realms.

UK Issues NFT Trademark Guidance for the Metaverse
1000 648 David Hoppe

The UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) has recently released updated trademark guidance that aims to shed light on the intricate world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), virtual goods, and the metaverse. This comprehensive guidance seeks to provide much-needed clarity on the appropriate classification of these digital assets in the metaverse.

China Takes the Lead in AI Regulation
1000 648 David Hoppe

China has established itself as the world leader in artificial intelligence regulation. In May, Beijing concluded a second cohort of rules restricting the use of deepfakes. The development is the latest in a series of Chinese government interventions aimed at protecting the public and engendering trust in AI technologies.

Great Brain Robbery: Web3 Intellectual Property Rights
1000 648 Amy Sanderson

Intellectual property rights (IPRs) play a critical role in the rapidly evolving Web3 environment, protecting the creativity, innovation, and artistic expression at the heart of the world’s digital transformation.

Meta-verdict: Developers’ Liability for Avatar Misdeeds
1000 648 David Hoppe

We recently discussed the myriad legal issues arising out of the development of the metaverse and users’ interaction through avatars. Here, we look at some of the key legal risks that game developers, social applications, and metaverse platforms assume when problems occur in the virtual environment.

Legal Guide to DAOs in the Metaverse
1000 648 David Hoppe

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are rapidly gaining popularity in the metaverse. Creating and hosting a DAO in the metaverse offers organizations numerous benefits, such as increased participation, visibility, efficient interaction with other applications and organizations, access to global audiences, and opportunities to take advantage of the growth of this relatively new landscape.

Playing It By Ear: Money and Music Rights in the Metaverse
1000 648 Amy Sanderson

The metaverse promises to open a world of new possibilities, applications, and business models, and along with these new ways of working, socializing, and entertaining ourselves come a host of legal questions.

Virtual Commerce: Brands in the Metave®se
1024 664 David Hoppe

The value of the global metaverse is expected to reach $800 billion by 2024. This represents more than 16-fold growth over the $48 billion generated in 2020. The metaverse brings with it a host of legal challenges and opportunities including trademark enforcement, branding and marketing deals, content partnerships and collaborations, market development, and customer diversification.