DAO Lawyers

Gamma Law’s DAO working group comprises attorneys who advise clients on the most advantageous methods for conceiving, governing, and funding DAOs and the legal procedures that will protect their members, investors, and other stakeholders.

The development of wholly autonomous decentralized digital organizations holds great promise in transforming hierarchical business and organizational structures. Their autonomy, coordination, transparency, and rules-based decision-making position DAOs to eliminate many of the challenges and leverage the advantages inherent in other corporate structures. These include transactional efficiencies, access to remote markets, access to technology and human resources, and more.

The legal status of virtual entities remains ambiguous, however, as DAOs have no real analog to traditional entity structures. To support clients in this uncertain and rapidly developing legal environment, legal teams must possess a thorough understanding of current laws relating to corporations, LLCs, partnerships and other business forms and how they may be applied to DAOs in different jurisdictions.

With decades of experience supporting clients in cutting-edge business sectors, including blockchain, the Gamma Law team provides practical, risk-based guidance to clients in rapidly developing industries. Gamma Law lawyers work closely with clients to develop creative approaches to managing legal risk in dynamic legal environments with business objectives always foremost.

Experts in DAO-Related Businesses

Led by Managing Partner David Hoppe, with nearly 30 years of experience as an international media/technology lawyer, Gamma Law provides DAOs and DAO stakeholders with a full range of legal support, including jurisdictional selection, fundraising, securities compliance, AML/KYC concerns, stakeholder liability risk and structuring of smart contracts.

Virtual General Counsel Services

Gamma Law provides turnkey virtual general counsel services to clients forming and maintaining DAOs. We manage both high-value transactions as well as day-to-day legal matters, freeing executives to focus on their businesses.

Contact us to learn more about Gamma Law’s DAO practice to discuss how we can help you achieve your objectives.

For more information, please see our article on general counsel services. Also, please visit the Gamma Law Blockchain Blog and Cryptocurrencies Blog for up-to-the-minute insights and news.

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