At Gamma Law, Diversity is Business as Usual

Legal media channels are full of articles offering advice for law firms (and their chief diversity officers) scrambling to meet client demands for outside counsel that meet diversity targets.

At Gamma Law, we never read them and we don’t have a chief diversity officer. We don’t have to. We are a San Francisco-based law firm where the majority of our senior attorneys are women and over half belong to racial minority groups.

This didn’t happen because we set quotas or gave preferential treatment to people from underrepresented demographics. We got this way simply by hiring the best people we could find.

This diversity makes Gamma Law stand out at a time in which lack of diversity in the legal professional draws increasing scrutiny.  Almost two years ago, the general counsels of 170 large corporations questioned whether large law firms “value diversity enough to put into place programs to develop, promote, and retain talented and diverse attorneys.” The response from the legal community has been so underwhelming that even today large companies continue to insist that their counsel promote more minority lawyers to senior positions. Some have resorted to withholding fees from firms that miss diversity targets.

As an “organically” diverse law firm, Gamma Law is uniquely positioned to assist clients in the cutting-edge and rapidly-developing business areas that we focus on.  We believe that our diverse team of attorneys and staff generates additional client value in at least two important areas:

Effective Communications

Our team brings a spectrum of backgrounds and perspectives.  This proves an important resource that allows us to communicate complex issues, which often require presenting information in a variety of ways.  A legal team made of up of members from diverse backgrounds is better positioned to communicate in a way that avoids misunderstandings among client members from diverse backgrounds.

Innovative Approaches

The business verticals that our clients operate in are constantly evolving and creative approaches are frequently required for us to provide our clients with the best support.  We believe that a diverse team is better equipped to take a holistic view of these challenges and that this inclusive atmosphere empowers us to formulate advice and negotiate more effectively. Collaborating with colleagues who see problems from different angles ensures that no preconceived “truth” goes unchallenged.

It’s not surprising that many companies now insist on working with law firms that not only have the legal expertise but also can staff their projects with talented attorneys from a variety of backgrounds.  Increasingly, management expects that their outside legal team reflects the growing diversity of the company’s own workforce and customer base.

If you are interested in exploring how Gamma Law’s diverse team can give your company the upper hand in high-stakes licensing, media/tech, financing, or M&A transactions, please contact us today.