Full-Spectrum Legal Support for Entertainment Businesses

Gamma Law’s entertainment lawyers have decades of specialized experience practicing in entertainment law firms as well as in-house with top-tier studios such as Lucasfilm.

Gamma Law supports rights holders, film/TV studios, producers, screenwriters, distributors and digital platforms with the full range of entertainment-related transactions, including content licensing, option agreements, localization, shopping agreements, production agreements and merchandising. Gamma Law has particular expertise with respect to digital content production and distribution, and has supported clients with dozens of high-value streaming agreements. Much of our entertainment work is international in scope, representing non-US parties or negotiating cross-border agreements.

In addition to his law practice, Gamma Law’s Managing Partner, David B. Hoppe, originates and negotiates Japan-US film/TV rights agreements for manga/anime properties as an executive producer with Cross Media International in San Francisco. The perspective gained from acting as principal in entertainment deals contributes to the value we bring to our entertainment clients.

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Selected Transactions

  • Represented Japanese video games publisher in numerous film option agreements with major US studios and issues arising under such agreements, with a total revenues of over a billion dollars.
  • Represented US film studio in equity agreement with high-profile Japan-US producer.
  • Represented major US anime streaming site in numerous license agreements with Japanese TV studios and other rights holders, with a value of tens of millions of dollars.
  • Represented international video game publisher in license-in arrangements for premier mobile game titles with virtually all major Hollywood studios, with a value of hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Represented high-profile Japanese TV writer in agreements with major international TV producer.
  • Represented video games publisher and Japanese visual artist in numerous limited-use license agreements for appearance of works in high-profile film/TV productions.
  • Represented US home video producer in some fifty agreements for exclusive localization and distribution rights to popular Korean TV dramas.

Entertainment Law