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April 2024Should the law consider generative AI systems for personhood?

March 2024High Score!: Gamma Law celebrates our 20th anniversary

February 20247-Eleven Skill Games and Web3

January 2024Web3 Dreams Meet Legal and Technical Challenges


December 2023Deepfaked democracy – AI as political mudslinger?

November 2023Developers struggle to stay ahead of the game on intellectual property

October 2023Web3 technology: all fun and games until somebody gets sued

September 2023Coming to terms with artificial intelligence and the law

August 2023Legal concerns before we welcome our new robot overlords

July 2023As today’s emerging technologies reshape our world, regulation is key

June 2023The convergence of creativity and technology

May 2023Coming to terms with artificial intelligence and the law

April 2023Legal concerns before we welcome our new robot overlords

March 2023The metaverse is open for business – but legal considerations loom

February 2023The convergence of creativity and technology

January 2023Compliance takeouts from high-profile failures


December 2022Europe, United States getting serious about digital regulation

November 2022In keeping with the US midterms: disagreement abounds in the metaverse

October 2022 “If it looks like a duck” NFT categorization heads toward resolution

September 2022Your guide for structuring NFT deals, agreements, and projects

August 2022An opportunity to learn from other NFT market participants’ mistakes

July 2022 US, UK courts move forward with regulation of blockchain-based assets

June 2022Can legislation and litigation prevent crypto / NFT collapse?

May 2022As NFTs evolve, legal issues begin to take shape

April 2022Regulating and profiting from blockchain crypto, NFTs, and esports

March 2022As NFTs–and Profits–Run Riot, US Seeks Regulatory Control

February 2022The confluence of video games, society, and multiple realties

January 2022Opportunities and challenges for Web 4.0 business models


December 2021 – Who will keep the peace? How current laws apply to the metaverse

November 2021 – Music, sports, and NFTs: Opportunities for Profit and Pitfalls

October 2021 Epic v. Apple Decisions Present a Mixed Bag

September 2021 – Congress tries to get a handle on blockchain regulation

August 2021 – As blockchain matures, we address its revenue potential and challenges

July 2021 We examine the huge potential and risk NFTs present from all angles

June 2021 – Epic v Apple arguments done, COVID in check, let’s get down to business

May 2021 – Pass the popcorn – Epic v Apple is underway!

April 2021 – Taking the ‘fun’ out of non-fungible tokens

March 2021 – O, Canada! Will CN’s regulation of online gambling influence the US?

February 2021 – Top blockchain trends and the outlook for online sports betting for 2021

January 2021 – Meeting the challenge of real-money game regulation


December 2020 – COVID-19’s long-term impact on digital technology businesses

November 2020 – New Administration, New Approach to Video Game Regulation?

October 2020 Check Out Gamma Law’s Epic v. Apple Resource Center

September 2020 – Apple’s Epic showdown with Fortnite’s creator and other ongoing legal battles

August 2020China’s gaming sector surge, US Army’s violated free speech rights?

July 2020 New Video, Gaming Platforms, User Bans, and More

June 2020 – New Licensing Video, Esports Data, Lawsuits, Cheating, and More

May 2020 – Videos, Game Cheaters, Tattoo Lawsuits, Esports in Court, Crimes in VR

April 2020 – Video Message, VR Music, Gaming Infographic, a New Esports Platform

March 2020 – Remote Working, AR/VR in the ‘20s, Legalizing Esports Betting

February 2020 – The Major Threats to Bitcoin in 2020, ‘Streaming Wars’ Infographic

January 2020The Top 10 Esports News Stories of 2019


December 2019 – Why isn’t Russia an Esports Superpower? VR/AR Infographic

November 2019 – Crypto Infographic, VR Sickness, China vs. Bitcoin, Esports in Japan

October 2019 Esports Stocks to Watch, VR Crime, Celebrities, Blockchain in the Music Biz

September 2019 – Esports, Video Games, VR/AR/MR, and Blockchain News and Events

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