Real-Money Games and Web3 In-Game Economy Lawyers

Gamma Law lawyers are experts on the complex and diverse federal, state, and international regulation of real-money video games and Web3 in-game economies.

Gamma Law is one of a small number of law firms with significant experience supporting clients to navigate federal and state gambling laws and related KYC/AML regulations.  We regularly provide major games platforms and payment providers with “reasoned legal opinions,” required by federal law, concerning our clients’ skill-based games’ compliance with federal and state gambling regulations.  We also advise Web3 developers on the structuring of in-game economies and tradable assets to limit the risk of government investigations and class-action lawsuits.

US gambling laws vary among the states and are often based on cases that are over a hundred years old.  Evaluation of skill-based video games often requires extrapolation from cases involving mechanical games like pinball.  Adding to the complexity, recent legislative actions at the state level and federal court cases concerning daily fantasy sports and sports betting have created a dynamic environment, in which historical precedents may need to be reconsidered.

Gamma Law’s real-money games and Web3 practices are founded on its years of experience supporting clients in the interactive entertainment, immersive technologies and digital assets sectors.  With our deep industry understanding as well as our significant experience supporting clients successfully to navigate gambling laws and other regulations affecting companies in these fast-moving industries, Gamma Law positions clients building skill-based games and Web3 in-game economies for success.

Virtual General Counsel Services

Gamma Law provides turnkey virtual general counsel services to companies in real-money games and Web3 in-game economies. We manage high-value transactions as well as day-to-day legal matters, freeing executives to focus on their businesses.

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