Tfue, Faze Clan Settle Lawsuit, Countersuit

Tfue, Faze Clan Settle Lawsuit, Countersuit

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Tfue, Faze Clan Settle Lawsuit, Countersuit

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Turner “Tfue,” Tenney has settled his lawsuit with Faze Clan. In a joint statement, the parties said that they “have resolved their disputes and settled their litigations” and “wish one another the best of luck in future endeavors.” The details of the settlement have not been disclosed.

Tenney filed his lawsuit against Faze Clan last year, alleging that his contract with the organization was “oppressive.” Tenney claimed that the contract permitted Faze Clan to take as much of 80 percent of the revenue he generated. Faze denied this claim, arguing that it has earned just $60,000 on the partnership and never took a cut as large as Tenney alleged.

Faze countersued Tenney, alleging that he attempted to found a rival esports organization, in violation of his contract. The organization also sought damages, claiming Tenney raked in more than $20 million as a streamer, but “shared almost none of the revenue with Faze Clan.” Faze argued that Tenney also violated his contract by speaking out against the organization.  The organization sought an injunction “to prevent [Tenney] from revealing any supposedly confidential information, disparaging the company publicly, and potentially interfering with its current roster of talent or any future business deals.”

Some believe that Tenney initiated the lawsuit to sever his relationship with Faze. The streamer is one of the best Fortnite players in the world, but he became popular only after signing his initial agreement with the team. Critics speculate Tenney initiated the legal action to take advantage of the exposure and increase in followers the partnership has brought him.

Tenney has gotten into hot water several times while streaming, including for the use of racial epithets. The behavior resulted in temporary bans on Twitch and Epic Games. For now, Tenney continues to stream independently on Twitch. He holds the second-most followed account on Twitch, with roughly 9 million followers.

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