Virtual Fashion Lawyers

Like every component of our lives, fashion increasingly blurs the line between reality and extended reality, between the physical environment and the cyber world. The well-established business models, marketing campaigns, and legal processes involved in managing and operating fashion-oriented businesses may or may not apply once we step into the digital realm. In an industry where designs are both utilitarian and artistic, Gamma Law provides designers, retailers, platforms, and other participants in the Japanese, US, and European fashion industries with experienced and practical support as these businesses expand in the digital realm.

With our long experience working with clients in interactive media and blockchain as well as real-world fashion retailing, Gamma Law is uniquely positioned to support brands and other fashion industry companies to bring their unique offerings to virtual worlds. The Gamma Law virtual fashion practice combines our comprehensive expertise in copyright, trademark, contract, and licensing law with our experience in new media, virtual and augmented reality, and blockchain technology law to provide tailored advice and service in this dynamic sector. Headed by the firm’s Japanese Legal Advisor Yusuke Hisashi, the virtual fashion practice team is made up of attorneys with long experience supporting clients in the creative industries, particularly in international contexts.

Bespoke Services for the Fashion Industry

Tokenization, extended reality, and virtual worlds have brought new opportunities for fashion brands. Forward-thinking brands are exploring the virtual creation, display, marketing, and distribution of their product lines, AI-generated modeling and fitting, NFT-based wardrobes and accessories, integration with user-generated content, metaverse boutiques, and more. To effectively pursue these opportunities while avoiding real-world legal risks in a rapidly evolving environment, fashion businesses need guidance and support from counsel who is not just experienced in their industry but also in media and technology. Our deep understanding of video games, virtual worlds, extended reality, and digital assets uniquely positions us to provide market-savvy, value-added support to fashion clients expanding beyond traditional products and marketing channels.

The expansion of fashion into virtual environments also brings with it new challenges for intellectual property rights enforcement. As in the real world, counterfeiting and infringement can cause serious damage to a brand’s image, distinction, and reputation and can impact its connection with fans and consumers. Our lawyers are experienced in the development and implementation of global enforcement programs for fashion industry clients and understand the unique challenges that such an effort can present.

Gamma Law’s fashion clients count on us for the highest degree of responsiveness with respect to a range of services such as copyright and trademark registrations, licensing, partnerships, promotion agreements, and the full range of corporate and commercial transactions.

Gamma Law also provides turnkey virtual general counsel services to fashion-related companies, managing all company legal matters on a day-to-day basis and freeing executives to focus on their businesses.

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Selected Virtual Fashion Transactions

  • Longstanding representation of major Hong Kong-based online fashion retailer with all aspects of US business, including privacy, social media advertising and promotional contests, financings, opening and operation of physical stores in the United States, import/export, labeling, and other matters.
  • Support for numerous NFT projects embodying creative works and implementation into games or offerings on digital exchanges.
  • Licensing of high-profile international characters and other assets into virtual environments.
  • US legal support for IPO of international e-commerce company with significant US fashion-related business.
  • International IP enforcement programs targeting counterfeiting in fashion and other creative industries
  • International copyright and trademark support for companies in fashion and other industries.

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