Web3 and Metaverse Lawyers

Gamma Law attorneys are industry leaders in the dynamic space that has become known as Web3. Our Web3 practice evolved organically from our long experience in video games and immersive media as well as our digital assets practice. Simply put, we were Web3 lawyers before the term “Web3” was coined. 

As the technologies and business models comprising Web3 and the Metaverse continue to develop, and the application of current laws and regulations is uncertain, specialized legal support will be a critically important part of any business strategy to capture opportunities in the space. With significant and longstanding experience in interactive entertainment, immersive media, in-game economies and real-money skill games regulation, together with our rapidly growing practice in NFTs, digital assets and DAOs, Gamma Law is ideally positioned to help clients navigate the turbulent waters of Web3.

Extensive Cross-Disciplinary Expertise

Operating at the nexus of blockchain, video gaming, decentralized organizations, and data-enabled innovation, Gamma Law’s Web3 practice incorporates our attorneys’ expertise in these areas along with their deep understanding of the business models, monetization, and user-generated content and ownership that lie at the heart of Web3. We mobilize these resources to provide business-savvy counsel and support to entrepreneurs, established organizations and investors working on next-generation ecosystems.


Our Web3 clients include established and newly formed video game developers, licensors of global IP, DAO entrepreneurs, decentralized entertainment platforms, AR experiences, DeFi applications and others building in the space.

We deliver comprehensive support for Web3 and Metaverse clients:

  • Multi-jurisdictional compliance with licensing, privacy, data security, and financial regulations
  • Preparation of Web3 user terms and privacy policies
  • Licensing to Web3 platforms and NFTs
  • Structuring and formation of DAOs
  • Reviews for securities compliance and application of money-transmitter laws
  • Trademark and copyright registration, intellectual property protection, and infringement litigation
  • In-platform economies and guidance to reduce the risk of application of gambling regulations

Virtual General Counsel Services

Gamma Law provides turnkey virtual general counsel services to clients in the Web3 space. We manage both high-value transactions as well as day-to-day legal matters, freeing executives to focus on their businesses.

Contact us to learn more about Gamma Law’s Web3 and Metaverse practice to discuss how we can help you achieve your objectives.

For more information, please see our article on general counsel services. Also, please visit the Gamma Law Blockchain Blog and Cryptocurrencies Blog for up-to-the-minute insights and news.