Who We Are

Gamma Law is a specialty Web3 law firm providing premium support to select clients in cutting-edge media/tech industry sectors. We have deep expertise in video games and esportsVR/AR/XRdigital media and entertainment, and blockchain, and were early movers in these areas. Our clients range from founders and emerging metaverse and artificial intelligence businesses to multinational media and gaming conglomerates, but all benefit from Gamma Law’s deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the business verticals in which they operate.  Because of our experience working in these dynamic Web3 industries, we are able to provide value-added and highly efficient support to our clients, giving them an edge in the competitive environments in which they operate.

The quality of our lawyers distinguishes our firm.  All our attorneys have spent significant parts of their careers practicing with national and international law firms, while based in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, and other major commercial centers. Our lawyers speak multiple languages, and a significant part of our practice is international in scope, often working closely with lawyers with whom we have long-established relationships in Japan, China, Europe, and elsewhere.

Our service to clients is governed by our Shared Purpose and Values:

Our Shared Purpose
We actively support clients’ efforts to push the boundaries of innovation and ultimately accomplish their international business objectives.

Our Shared Values
We support INNOVATION: We support established and high-growth digital media and technology businesses that push the boundaries of progress for the enrichment of people all over the world.

We value COMMUNICATION: Our focus on personalized and proactive communication, responsiveness, and attention to detail means that our clients are always in the know, and always hear back from us promptly.

We build and nurture CONNECTIONS: Relationships drive Gamma Law’s practice. Our work enables people from different regions and cultures to work and succeed in harmony together.

We strive for EXCELLENCE: Gamma Law is like no other law firm in its class. We hold ourselves to the highest standards for client experience, service quality, and ethics. We pride ourselves in providing proactive, value-added support to clients that goes beyond completing our legal assignments.

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